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Mouth Guards and You

With each competitive contact sport, comes the chance for injuries. The chance to get hit in the face and cause damage can be reduced if you wear mouth guards. These can be custom fitted for you from your dentist, to ensure you have a proper fit and will protect your teeth and mouth. Not only do sports and activities pose a risk for injury, but you may be injuring your teeth at night and not even know it. You might grind your teeth at night, which will wear down your teeth over time. The best thing to do is ask your dentist. They will be able to see if your teeth show any signs of grinding.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard can protect your mouth and minimize the risk of broken teeth. It typically covers the upper teeth, and will help protect injuries to your lips, tongue, face, or jaw. This is important especially if you participate in contact sports or activities. There are three different types of mouth guards you can choose from. Your dentist makes the custom-fitted mouth guards that are designed specifically for you. Since they are personalized just for you, this selection will fit the best and reduced the chance of getting injured significantly. The stock mouth guards come pre-formed and are ready to wear. Because they are pre-formed for anyone to wear, they are very bulky and may not fit well or correctly. The boil and bite guard are just that. These are mouth guards that can be bought at a sporting goods store, and then you boil them and insert it into your mouth to get the correct fit.

Who needs a mouth guard?

The majority of people who need a mouth guard are athletes. No matter what your age is, if you are in a contact sport you need to wear a mouth guard. This will prevent serious injury to your teeth and mouth. Also, any sport that is highly competitive and is more likely to have collisions, like football and hockey, should wear mouth guards as well. Wearing this guard will protect your teeth from being chipped, broken, fractured, or even knocked out. It will also help reduce the chance to jaw damage in reduce in concussions. Athletes are not the only ones who should wear a mouth guard; those who grind their teeth at night should too. These may be called bite splits or nighttime mouth guards, but it will reduce the chance of tooth damage you create when you sleep. A dentist will be able to examine your teeth and can tell if you grind your teeth if you yourself do not notice. If you have braces, mouth guards can still work for you. By getting the custom-fitted one from the dentist, you can make sure it is designed to fit snugly over your braces and still be able to protect your mouth.

Benefits of a mouth guard

The advantages of wearing a mouth guard are significant. By wearing one, you can limit the risk of mouth related injuries, including injuries to your lips, tongue, soft tissues, and teeth. In high contact sports and activities, the chance to get hit in the face is high. Wearing a mouth guard can protect against chipped or broken teeth, root or bone damage, and even getting a tooth knocked out. Mouth guards can also help to lower the risk of serious injuries such as jaw fractures, neck injuries, and concussions. If you grind your teeth at night, wearing a mouth guard can help. It will protect your teeth from getting worn down or damaged night after night.

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