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Take Good Care of Your Teeth this Christmas

Christmas time usually means a lot of food, and quite a bit of sweet treats. If you do not care for your teeth properly, this could increase the chance for a cavity to form. Tending to your teeth with basic dental care will save you money overall, as well as keep your mouth happy and healthy. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss once a day. You should use toothpaste that contains fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Another tip that is often overlooked is to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth.

Dental Visits Are Important for Your Health

By going to regular routine dental visits, you will be able reduce the chance of getting a cavity. You will have your teeth cleaned, looked at, and x-rays taken so we can look at parts of the teeth that are below the gums. We will be able to see more in your mouth and can determine if there are any issues or cavities. If there is an onset of a cavity, we will be able to fix it before it becomes a larger issue. During your visit, you can schedule another appointment for a fluoride or sealant treatment. There is also a chance you can get a treatment at the end of your current appointment, since the application of either treatment takes such a small amount of time.

Mouth Guards are Important to Protect your Teeth

The majority of people who need a mouth guard are athletes. No matter what your age is, if you are in a contact sport you need to wear a mouth guard. This will prevent serious injury to your teeth and mouth. Also, any sport that is highly competitive and is more likely to have collisions, like football and hockey, should wear mouth guards as well. Wearing this guard will protect your teeth from being chipped, broken, fractured, or even knocked out. t will also help reduce the chance to jaw damage in reduce in concussions. Athletes are not the only ones who should wear a mouth guard; those who grind their teeth at night should too. These may be called bite splits or nighttime mouth guards, but it will reduce the chance of tooth damage you create when you sleep. We will be able to examine your teeth and can tell if you grind your teeth if you yourself do not notice.

Fluoride Treatments are Beneficial

The most common way to have a fluoride treatment done is by making an appointment with us. The fluoride can vary in what treatments you would like to have done. One treatment is where the fluoride foam is placed in a tray and is worn in your mouth for four minutes. You cannot have anything to eat or drink for 30 minutes after this treatment is done. Another option is like the fluoride foam, only it is a fluoride gel that is placed in the tray and worn for four minutes. Like the fluoride foam, you cannot have anything too eat or drink afterwards for 30 minutes. You can also have a fluoride varnish painted onto your teeth, where it sticks until it is removed by brushing. With this treatment you cannot have super hot drinks or even brush your teeth for four to six hours, but you can eat and drink right afterwards. We can help recommend which option might be the best one for you.

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