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Be Thankful for Your Teeth this Season by Taking Care of Them

Thanksgiving is a day usually spent by giving thanks, and eating a lot. One thing to remember after eating is to take care of your teeth properly. Keeping your teeth in the cleanest condition possible can help you maintain a healthy mouth. Following recommended cleanings and dental visits can help decrease your chance of a cavity forming. If you notice any pain or issues between dental visits, make sure to schedule an appointment. This way we can inspect your mouth for any issues. If you are not sure about what type of toothbrush or toothpaste to purchase, we will be able to recommend the right kind for your mouth. This will help keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Regular Dental Visits are a Must

The most important thing you can do for oral health is to visit us on a regular basis. Regular check-ups are normally once or twice a year. We will be able to check your mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums for any issues. Another thing that will be done is x-rays. This will help us to spot any problem you might have between the teeth, or below the gums. If the issue is ignored, it can lead to a cavity forming, or a more severe issue like a root canal or extraction. While visiting, we can also clean your teeth. This helps to remove any plaque that has started to build up on your teeth. We can demonstrate proper ways of brushing and caring for your teeth. Knowing how to brush correctly can help keep your mouth happy and healthy.

Caring for Your Teeth on a Daily Basis

When caring for your teeth at home, there are a few things to remember. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every time you eat. Since it is not always possible to do that, brushing twice a day is typical. This will help remove any plaque or food buildup you have on or around your teeth. Also remember to brush your tongue. You tongue can collect germs and bacteria that can lead to issues such as bad breath. By brushing it, you will remove these germs that grow on your tongue. Another recommendation is to floss between your teeth once a day. This will remove any food particles that get stuck between your teeth. If these particles are not removed, it can lead to a cavity forming.

Make sure to Contact us if you Experience Tooth Pain

If between visits you notice any issues like tooth pain, make sure to schedule an appointment. Tooth pain can indicate that there may be a larger issue going on. The best thing to do is come in so we can examine it. We can then take care of the problem so you can get back to a pain-free mouth. Even if it is a small issue, getting a problem checked at the first signs can reduce money, pain, and stress in the long run.

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