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Ideal Habits to Protect Your Teeth in Child Bearing

Pregnancy and the first year after childbirth are critical times for optimum dental health. The risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and development of a cavity in teeth increases during this period. Although this is not the case in all women, the nutritional requirements of the fetus and the hormonal changes in the woman, increase the possibility of dental problems in pregnancy and after childbirth. Here are three precautionary habits that will enable you keep your teeth healthy before and after childbirth.

Develop a More Deliberate Habit of Brushing Teeth and Flossing Teeth

The increased hormonal levels in the body as it responds to the needs of the growing child within you increase the susceptibility to plaque in your mouth. This can cause for tartar build up and cavities to form. If you already had good dental hygiene habits before pregnancy, it is good to keep to them more keenly. You may start by increasing the number of times you brush your teeth from once a day, to two or even three times a day. This will help to keep the mouth free of the increased accumulation of plaque in your mouth. Ideally you should brush your teeth after each meal or snack you eat. Also make sure to floss between teeth at least once a day. This can help clean all the way around the teeth, as well as between them.

Drink Plenty of Water is good for you

The body is eighty percent water and a regular intake of water helps to keep us healthy. It is particularly critical to take in an adequate amount of water during pregnancy. Water will help keep the mouth rinsed and reduce the possibility of acidity that may cause cavities in the teeth. The improved flow of all the bodily fluids will also help your body to fight any potential for teeth ailments such as gum disease. The best way to take water in pregnancy and after is in sips rather than in gulps. Carry a water bottle with you and take a sip of water in intervals of fifteen to thirty minutes. This will help the body to assimilate the water and will not fill your bladder too fast. When you take water in cupfuls or gulps you are likely to get a full bladder faster.

Increase Your Calcium Intake when pregnant

The child growing within your womb requires calcium to form their bones and other body organs effectively. Calcium is the same nutrient found in your bones and teeth. Therefore, if you are not taking in sufficient amounts of calcium, your baby by nature will draw these nutrients from you. This is the fact mystified in folklore where women lost their teeth in pregnancy. To protect your teeth increase your intake of calcium during pregnancy. The best way to establish the best sources of calcium for you is to consult us. In addition to the recommendation, maintain a diet with milk, cheese, and meats. You can always contact us and we can help improve the dental habits while you are pregnant.

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