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When Tooth Infection Develops to Other Serious Conditions

Tooth infection is a preventable and easily resolvable health condition. The only thing that could make it a potentially life threatening condition is failing to seek out a dentist’s services at the first sign of toothache. Tooth infection left unattended can spread infection to other parts of the body such as the blood stream and the brain. The two can cause life-threatening complications in a patient.

Other Dangerous Health Issues Accompany Toothache

The health of the teeth and overall health affect each other closely. A person who has no other health condition is unlikely to have a seriously aggravated condition arising out of an initial tooth infection. If a patient has another health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and any other major health problem, they are more likely to have their toothache turn into a more serious condition rather quickly.

A patient with other health issues needs to make their visits to the dentist office more frequent. In such visits, the dentist will help ascertain that there is no over-burden on the immune system causing tooth infection or cavity to turn into a health crisis. Left too long without medical intervention, a tooth infection will spread to the gums, may further spread to the throat and chest areas.

Severe Infection May Start with a Toothache

The danger posed by an untreated tooth infection is the bacteria, which could and very often will find its way into the blood stream. In many such instances, a patient may not correlate their illness with toothache. They may experience all the symptoms of fever including vomiting accompanied by chills and profuse sweating.

If a member of your family who has had toothache suddenly falls very ill with fever and ends up in the hospital, they could be having complications from a tooth infection. It is extremely important to mention the toothache to the doctor. Although a dentist will not perform a tooth extraction until the fever, pain and swelling subside, it is important for them to know that the patient had tooth problems before the fever set in. The information will help them make correct diagnosis and give the correct medication.

Seek Help Before Toothache becomes Life Threatening

It is rare for people to deal with a toothache until it becomes a life threatening issue, but there is great wisdom in seeking help from the dental office as soon as symptoms of tooth trouble start. The first sign of trouble could be as simple as bleeding gums.

Another sign of trouble is hurting teeth. Most of the time one may not identify precisely which tooth is hurting. The pain can be general pain along the jaw line. A dentist will examine all the teeth to establish which one is the problem tooth. Early detection may well save other teeth lying next to the problem tooth and a life. To avoid all complications of tooth decay, have your dental work done routinely.

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