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Foods to Eat to Avoid Tooth Infection in Pregnancy

A pregnant mother’s diet must cater to her body’s health requirements in addition to those of her baby’s. Nutrition in food ensures the child develops all the organs of the body in the best possible way as all cells use nutrients to grow. The mother needs to eat nutritious foods to ensure the fetus is healthy. Her diet must support her health during and after the pregnancy. Her diet and daily habits will help her avoid tooth infections during pregnancy and after childbirth. Here are two important must-have food groups to include for healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy teeth.

Calcium and Calcium Rich Foods

Joint aches and aches in various parts of the skeleton during pregnancy usually have a direct relationship with the amount of calcium that the mother is taking in. During pregnancy, the body’s need for calcium increases drastically. The growing fetus requires calcium to create its skeleton and other parts of the body such as nails, skin, and hair. Calcium is therefore very important for a well-formed child.

The body will also require a high level of calcium to produce milk during breastfeeding. Calcium is so important in the development of the fetus to a mature baby that in the absence of it in the mother’s body, nature will automatically draw the nutrient from the mother’s skeleton, which may affect the teeth. It is therefore common for women who have a low calcium diet to develop toothache or a cavity during pregnancy.

It is important not to self-medicate on the best sources of calcium. Your dentist is the best person to discuss your calcium needs for your teeth’s protection. Plan an early visit to the dentist office and preferably as soon as you learn of your pregnancy. This will help both you and the dentist to create a diet plan that will ensure you do not suffer from lack of calcium or low calcium during pregnancy and risk harming your teeth.

Magnesium and Foods Rich in Magnesium

Hand in hand with calcium is another trace element in most green foods and nuts. Magnesium is critical to maintaining a proper calcium levels in the body. Magnesium helps the body to break down and absorb calcium. There are other important uses of magnesium in the body and it is a nutrient with multiple benefits to you during pregnancy. Some of the foods rich in magnesium include foods with a rich dark green coloration such as spinach and cucumbers.

The dark green pigment is rich in magnesium. Certain types of whole grains and nuts are also good sources of magnesium. The best way to confirm the sources that are favorable for you and for your growing child is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. The dentist will help you identify if there is any threat to your teeth and dental health. Together you can forestall the danger with a slight change of diet. It is important to go early and avert your teeth degenerating into disease when you could prevent the problem with an early visit to the dentist.

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