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What Type of Toothbrush is Right for You

Keeping your mouth happy and healthy is important. To help accomplish this, you will want to make sure you have the right type of toothbrush that will benefit your mouth. The purpose of a toothbrush is to remove plaques and also stimulate the gums. Most toothbrushes will help keep the teeth clean if you know how to use them properly. With an automatic toothbrush, it can help clean your teeth for you. This is beneficial for those who have less manual dexterity or arthritis. People with limited ability to move their shoulders, arms, and hands can also benefit from the larger handle and powered brush of an electric one.

Electric toothbrushes have a variety of features you can choose from. They have pressure sensors that can tell if you are brushing too hard. There are also timers that will indicate when you have brush long enough. Once you have brushed the allotted time, the brush will automatically turn off. The brush will stimulate the gums and teeth with different configurations of the bristles. Even inexpensive electric models will keep your teeth clean, but you may need to move a little more in order to reach difficult areas. The electronic toothbrush bristles are better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease. The bristles rotate together in one directions, and then will switch and rotate in the opposite direction, known as rotating-oscillating. This is more effective than brushes that spin in only one direction.

Whether you choose a manual or an electric toothbrush, make sure to choose one with soft bristles and be sure to change the bristles on the electric brush when they become worn down. The brushes need to be replaced every three months or when the bristles are no longer straight and firm. In that condition, they will not clean the teeth as well as they should. If you ever need a recommendation on what type of toothbrush to use, make sure to contact us. We can recommend the right type of toothbrush so your teeth can stay clean and healthy.

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