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Keeping Your Teeth Happy and Healthy

Your health should be one of your top priorities. This also includes your oral health. Make sure to go to scheduled visits on a regular basis. By doing so, we can inspect your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth. We can also take x-rays so we are aware if there are any issues or problems between your teeth or below the gum line.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Ideally you will want to brush after each meal. This way the food particles that are in your teeth can be removed so they will not cause bacteria and a cavity. Also remember to floss at least once a day. This is beneficial because it can remove anything that gets stuck between your teeth. If you are not sure of the proper way to floss or brush your teeth, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the technique.

If you experience any pain between regular visits, make sure to schedule an appointment. By noticing an issue and fixing it at the first sign, you can help prevent further damage and also a more serious cavity from forming. If you ignore the issue, it may require a root canal or other solution to relieve the pain. We can inspect the tooth, mouth, and area that are causing the pain. If you are not sure how often to come in for regular dental examinations, make sure to contact us and we can set you up with an appointment to inspect your teeth. This can help improve you oral health.

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